CE Marking Certification

Gold and precious metals detectors: QA-AC-3371/17

The CE mark is the conformity of the function, security, and safety of a product according to the European standards.

So, why is it important to register a product with the CE mark?

The European Union Countries, especially the European Economic Area EEA, took the initiative to introduce an approach that emphasizes the need to mark products with the CE mark.

This approach does not permit the import of any non-CE marked products to the countries of the European Union.

It is also prohibited to export any non-CE marked products for the security and safety of the consumer while using these products.

The European Commission recommends its member states to ensure proper implementation of the system under the CE mark.

They also require of the member states to take appropriate measures in the event of the misuse or falsification of the mark of CE, or marking a product with the CE mark when it is not registered under European Law.

EU Member States also have the right to impose sanctions against violators, which may result in criminal prosecution for violations.

Such sanctions must be commensurate with the seriousness of the crime and constitute an effective deterrent against violators.

And in the interest of GER Detect and United International Group over the past years to continue as members of the European Economic Area EEA, United International Group UIG has been awarded a CE certificate in the following specialties:

  •  Gold and precious metals detectors
  •  Underground water and artesian wells detectors
  •  Diamond and gemstone detectors

This certificate was awarded after thorough examination and scrutiny conducted by a group of inspectors and specialists to ensure the effective and actual functioning of our devices, and the development of our products on an ongoing basis.

We recommend that customers validate the certificate when purchasing any of our products or any other products.

You can do this by entering (www.qatechnic.de) the website of the German institution specialized in registering products with the CE mark.

Go to CUSTOMER tab and then click on CERTIFIED COMPANY SEARCH. The following fields appear:

Fill in the first box with the name of our company: United International Group Then insert in the second box with the certificate number: you can find all our CE Certificate Numbers on our websites.

Or you can fill in only one of the two fields, by either entering the certificate number or the company name:
United International Group

And then press the SEARCH key

Our company’s information and products will be listed